Programming is an exciting career that has the potential of turning you into a multimillionaire overnight – at least not literally. However, only a few make it to the developer status, because the learning process can be quite rigorous. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, you can now learn how to code in a fun way. Some creative developers noticed a loophole in the learning process and filled it with solutions (similar to [90 ball bingo]) that cover all the basics and advanced techniques of programming. And here are the top four picks of 2018.

Coding game

If you’re interested in a game that supports multiple languages, this is it. You can solve any of the puzzles and challenges with over 25 programming languages – starting from the mainstream options to those that are up and coming. But overall, this game will give you a much-needed break between coding classes.


Codecombat is a real game with real coding – according to its developers. It has a child-friendly front-end, but wait! Don’t dismiss it just yet. It has some pretty solid information on Javascript and Python. And there is also a classroom edition where you can teach children how to code and get better in the process.


Now here is a game developed with adult gaming in mind. On the inside, you get to solve puzzles using a code, and your solutions graded. And those grades determine if you get to the next level or not. Here, answers can be written in over 20 programming languages, but as always, the list is subject to change.


This game is a product of the Microsoft team and presents some pretty hard challenges. One notable thing about it is there’s no room for cheating, and you can only solve the problems using Java or C. However, it is best suited for intermediate programmers.