How about a career in tech? Here, you’re staring at a situation where you get to instruct machines to do all the hard work for you, like Bill Gates. Or better still, set up a multimillion business out of thin air like Mark Zuckerberg. If that sounds like your thing, you are in the right place.

Learning how to program or fix computers on your own is one thing, and taking instructions from experienced and connected tutors is another. So, here are the benefits of attending a tech college.

High employment rate

As a college graduate with hands-on experience, you’ll enjoy the benefit of having certifications plus a portfolio to write home about. And if you present yourself professionally, the only thing standing between you and that job is the technical interview.

Career focused training

When choosing a college, try to find out their approach to tech. Is it hands-on or is it mostly theory? Here, you are looking for something that will get you to the job ready status. If you get this right, your college experience and career choice will be a thing you’ll thank your younger self for – when you finally start raking in some good money.

So many options

The tech scene is surprisingly broad; you cannot possibly learn everything. That’s why colleges have decided to split it into bite-sized fields in a bid to maintain sanity – from Artificial intelligence to network engineering; it seems that people in tech have so many options. So take a good look around before signing that dotted line.